Illuminating a New Path in Correctional Education

A technology-driven education program featuring a comprehensive LMS, enabling mass education of prison residents through the use of tablets.

Success Stories

"I was learning how to manage my time, contribute to my community and become a productive citizen once released."
Ronnie Hopkins, former incarcerated resident and college graduate
"This is the most motivating factor in leading a legitimate life in business when I am released."
Lantern Student
"I’ve learned that at 37 years old I can take classes successfully."
Lantern Student

JPay's Lantern

A Second Chance for Success

Tablet technology helps educate incarcerated individuals on a massive scale.  JPay’s Lantern  is the largest digital education program in corrections through a partnership with Ashland University. Former incarcerated individual, Ronnie Hopkins, credits education and his faith for changing from a life of crime to a life of productivity and community outreach.


Comprehensive Correctional Education Program

Built on JPay’s Lantern technology platform.

This technology-driven education program is designed to increase educational opportunities in prisons, increase employment opportunities for incarcerated individuals upon re-entry and reduce recidivism. Lantern features corrections-grade tablets, kiosks and a learning management system, and draws content from a network of reputable academic providers. Lantern is a full-service education platform, with the capability to support college courses, high school equivalency as well as GED prep and personal development content. It can integrate with existing correctional education initiatives like traditional classroom learning, or function as a standalone solution. In addition to Lantern, JPay offers access to thousands of free KA Lite educational videos, ranging from simple math, to astronomy, to accounting and more.

We Strive To

Rehabilitate and educate offenders through the use of technology to reduce recidivism.

Residents who receive education while incarcerated are 43% less likely to become repeat offenders, and have a 13% higher chance of finding employment once released. JPay’s Lantern’s mission serves to encourage and hasten these trends.


Our Approach

How we deliver educational content to incarcerated students efficiently using leading-edge technology.

JPay’s Lantern leverages a Canvas-based Learning Management System (LMS), Living Unit kiosks and JP5 tablets to deliver an innovative, effective and secure educational experience. This dramatically increases access to education, “flipping” the classroom model or augmenting existing programs. One of the main benefits of Lantern is the ability for incarcerated indiiduals to learn at their own pace – on their own time – outside of limited classroom interactions. Because JPay has such extensive reach throughout corrections – operational in 34 states – Lantern has the potential to unlock education for millions of incarcerated.

Cross-Functional Infrastructure

How the LMS facilitates learning.

Essentially, any class or content can be divided into modules and added to the Lantern LMS. Course content, assignments, quizzes, grades and instructor notes are deployed through the LMS and made accessible to incarcerated individuals through the kiosks. Residents then complete coursework on their tablets and submit for grading by syncing the device to the kiosk. Through the LMS, educators can manage their courses from the first day of class to graduation and correspond with students through an interactive messaging option.

Interaction, Instruction and Implementation

Agencies get more flexibility, cutting-edge communication and easy start-up.

Educators can interact with students through a closed communication feature (similar to instant messenger chat) that refreshes the conversation every time the tablet is synced with the kiosk. Instructors can also change the flow of the course or alter modules mid-course. JPay also provides support at every phase of implementation of the Lantern platform, from launch to ongoing maintenance.  Best of all, because it’s built on JPay’s existing technological infrastructure, for many agencies, turning on JPay’s Lantern is as simple as flipping a switch.

KA Lite Videos

Much needed access to free educational videos.

KA Lite is offered as a complementary but standalone service to the larger JPay’s Lantern education platform. JPay offers incarcerated individuals access to KA Lite, an open-source offline software developed by Learning Equality that provides access to Khan Academy’s educational content. The videos are deployed through JPay’s secure infrastructure, which is customized for the corrections environment. Residents can download free educational videos from the kiosk to their JP5 tablets and view them at their leisure, increasing their knowledge base or augmenting their studies through self-guided learning.


Much needed access to free educational curriculum.

Securus is proud to introduce, CourseShare, the first no cost solution for corrections to share educational curriculum that can be utilized to help incarcerated individuals in any facility. With CourseShare, agencies can give and receive custom courses created from respected peers across the U.S. through Lantern. Incarcerated individuals can easily access and download content directly to their tablets to begin their path to successfully re-enter society. Courses currently available from Georgia DOC and Aleph Institute include: ABE Math, GED Science Master, and Weekly Bible Reader.

Diversified Content

Results-oriented courseware.

General Educational Development

Career Preparation

Technology Literacy

Adult Basic Education

Personal Development

English as a Second Language


The following features distinguish JPay’s Lantern as a multi-functional, highly advanced platform that allows agencies to amplify and further deploy effective resident education.


Messaging between teachers and students through the JP5 tablets and kiosks, outside of the classroom


Instructors can send announcements to classes automatically through the kiosks


Multiple types of quizzes, many of which can be graded automatically


Teachers can add comments/feedback when sending a grade to a student


Keyboard enhances the education experience, making it easier to type coursework


Content can be adjusted on the fly/throughout the semester


Students can complete multiple courses on the tablet at one time


Tablets can be assigned to students or purchased and owned

How It Works

Cloud-to-Tablet workflow.


Corrections-focused platform.

We go to great lengths to ensure our systems, hardware and software are secure.  All of our systems are monitored and updated remotely by JPay’s dedicated Network Operations Center. Students have no access to the internet. Our hardware was built with state-of-the-art security features.

Just the Beginning

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